About Me

  • My NameMason G
  • Favorite Subject: My favorite subject is Math and Science.
  • Favorite SportMy favorite sport is football,basketball,and archery.
  • What I care about the most: I care most about my family and friends .
  • What I do with my family: I hunt with my dad,and watch movies and go to the store with the rest of my family.
  • How old am I what grade i’m in: I am 11 and i am in the sixth grade.
  • What sports do I play: The sport that I love to do is archery and I shoot for the school.
  • What sport I want to do: The one sport I want to play is football,when i watch football I end up getting zoned out.
  • My favorite animal,and what pets do I have: My favorite animal is a dog/wolf,also I have 1 dog and 2 cats.
  • What is my favorite thing to do outside: I Like to explore and play with friends ,I swim and play sports with them to.

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